The sweet spot

Booze & Bites

This is where we create unique flavor combinations. In a nice cocktail, some good wine or just a beer. Hungry? No need to worry. We can help you out. On Fridays and Saturday , we push all the tables and chairs to one side to open up the floor for your sick dance moves. Dance the night away thanks to our resident DJ.

Kitchen, bar & music

Kitchen, bar & music

City bar

The appearance of an old café, a jazz club in Saint Germain, a cocktail bar in San Fransisco, a wine bar in Toscany and a club in London. This is the place to be.


Jazzy, funky beats combined with old soul and disco. You’ll find them every Friday and sturday night in our city bar. Dance the week away and enjoy yourself.


Wednesday till friday from 15:00u and Sunday we'll start at 12:00u. We serve special cocktails, a lot of different beers and some fantastic bites!



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