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Register for the JOB SESSION | June 28th at 19:00 u

Are you a food artist, show (wo)man / entertainer? Then we are looking for you! Do you have no experience but a born artist? We are looking for talents with or without experience.

What's the 'jobsession'?

What's the 'jobsession'?


An evening of non-binding jamming with the employees of FIFTH. You get a tour, a look in the kitchen, a wine tasting, looks for the right ingredients in the dishesand learn the first tricks as a barista from our coffee artist! After the evening you decide whether you want to talk to see if 'THE STAGE is YOURS'..

What are we looking for?

Within FIFTH you will have the opportunity to develop into a specialist. In the kitchen, service or as a bartender/barista. We teach you more about wine, coffee, ingredients and flavor combinations in a free way. Quality, craftsmanship and attention are central to us. Attention for the guest and for you.


The job session will take place on June 28, 2021 from 19:00 - 21:30. Would you like to get acquainted with FIFTH, the employees and activities without obligation? Then sign up via

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